Artist's Statement

My drawings and paintings idiosyncratically depict circumstances that associate Americans, i. e. dysfunction, style as empowerment, nature worship, anarchy, Hollywood. The community in my work finds a vehicle in fictional Delta City, where isolation gives greater opportunity for local superstars and homegrown fashion. It is a deprived, rural landscape where signs state DIRT FOR SALE. Delta City makes references to self-taught sensibilities and is a kind of hideaway for flamboyant, rebellious characters. Zealous, glamrock hippies possess unlikely talismans: souvenir clothing and jewelry, migraine auras, and candy-striped objects, including donuts and phones. Individuals’ personal style has a piled-on, shrine aesthetic. Natural adornments, such as pine cones and snails, keep local myths and superstitions alive. Supernatural characters speak star language. Nostalgic telephones suggest the communicative ability of art and a potential for mischief. Delta City is also a metaphor for the family unit with its resident anarchists and history of secrecy, symbolized by semi-disguised participants. Newly isolated forms in recent work are herringbone patterns and wavering lines that refer to migraine auras. These vibrating shapes, that relate to the striped objects and lightning in my past work, linger near my characters’ faces like Art Deco jewelry.